Today, Keeper is proud to announce its official SOC 2 Type II certification! If that means absolutely nothing to you, read on. This certification indicates that a third-party organization rigorously audited our company and application to ensure that we meet certain standards of information control. And we totally passed! We re excited to be able to provide our users with cold, hard evidence of our dedication to quality and control in dealing with their most sensitive information. From the people we employ to the software we use, rest assured that every facet of Keeper meets the same standard of excellence. Darren Guccione, CEO and cofounder of Keeper, weighs in on the certification: “Keeper strives to maintain the highest levels of internal controls, quality assurance and compliance across the entire company. By achieving SOC 2 Type II certification, Keeper has once again proven that it is committed to delivering solutions that meet the standards of such a difficult and detailed a

With the advent and growing utilization of mobile devices in today s workplace, business owners are faced with a whole new set of security concerns. Information that once-upon-a-time was stored on desktop computers or even paper documents now goes home with employees at the end of the day. In the era of a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) model, how can businesses ensure that every employee s smartphone, tablet or laptop is protected? The National Cyber Security Alliance gives some general advice on creating and implementing a cybersecurity plan for businesses, but what does cyber attack prevention look like in practice? Enter Keeper for Groups. For business small or large, Keeper for Groups solves a whole slew of security problems posed by the modern mobile workplace. Take the medical sector. Keeper was recommended in this article about the need for healthcare enterprises to manage ultra-sensitive patient information on employees personal devices. Heavy-duty encryption is crucial to prot

Happy Fourth of July, everybody! There are many ways to celebrate our great nation on its birthday. Fireworks, barbeques, picnics, and drinking are all time-honored Independence Day rituals. But this year, we’d like you to add one more thing to your calendar for July 4th: update password security. 1. Change your email password. Hackers will often use an email password as a way to gain access to other accounts using data found in your email. Change it regularly and you can help protect many of your other accounts at once. 2. Enable two-factor authentication. In the hands of the wrong person, your mobile device can be a goldmine of saved passwords and automatic logins. Don’t get lazy allow two-factor authentication to verify that the person logging into your Keeper account is really you. 3. Change your Keeper master password. Do we have to explain this one? It’s the single most important password you’ve got. Make it strong, change it often. Please. For the love and honor of your

Today Keeper published a press release announcing that we have surpasses 5 million users. Since the press release doesn t use any exclamation points, we ll make up for it here: !!!!!!!!!! 5 million users. That s more than the entire population of Alabama. Or almost two Chicagos. And apparently, we re gaining new Keepies by the second! 11, to be exact. We must be doing something right. As quoted in the release, our CEO puts it best: Keeper is now the leading password management application in the market today, offering both individuals and enterprise users with military-grade encryption and strong usability, says Darren Guccione, CEO and co-founder of Keeper. Keeper was created to serve two important and unfulfilled needs in the password and data management industry: convenience and security. As always, a big thank you to all of our Keepies for your continued (or brand-new) support! Stay tuned for some super cool new Keeper features coming your way this summer

by Darren Guccione, CEO Monday June 16, 2014 We are approaching our 3-year anniversary of the launch of Keeper.  It’s been an amazing journey thus far.  Our relationship with you (our global user base), mobile operators and OEMs has given us great insight in to the pain points involved with online and app access.  As a result, it has driven us to rapidly innovate our product. Our mission is pretty straight forward: To improve the safety and efficiency of online access by providing users with vital password and data management software on their devices.   Today, we manage over 1 billion Keeper records for several millions of users in over 80 countries.  Keeper is now the most downloaded and installed password manager and digital vault. This month, we are launching two new features Keeper FastFillTM and Keeper Secure File Storage.  With FastFill, users can auto-fill their passwords across all their mobile apps and browsers.  FastFill will also remember new login credentials an